Books    on    fishermen,    travelling    showmen,    lavender, animals   in   the   18th   century   and   Penguin    biographies   of Hepworth   and   Jekyll,   followed   ten   years   of   wide-   spread journalism,      with      significant      slots      in      the      Times Educational    Supplements.    Since    then,    Festing        has written      Swimming   Lessons ,   (Cidesterna),   the   basis   of   a Radio   4   play,   Salaams   ( Happen   -Stance)   and    Font   (2016), and   Doors   Opening   (Oversteps).   My   Darling   Derry   (Fair Acre   Press)    was   published    in   2019,   her   sixth   collection, T he   White   Queen’s   Last   Stand:   Poems   on   the   Life   & Work of sculptor Germaine RIchier will be out in 2021.
Saltmarsh Poetry ran for seven years in North Norfolk’s Burnhams until lockdown. see www.saltmarshpoetry.com
Poems published in Acumen,    Agenda,    Ambit,    Assent,    Critical    Quarterly,    Coffee    House,    Dream Catcher,    Envoi,    Equinox,    Fenland    Poetry    Journal,    Frogmore,    Ink    Sweat    and Tears,   Interpreter's   House,   Iota,   Links,   Magma,   New   Welsh   Review,   The   North, Obsessed    with    Pipework,    Orbis,    Outposts,   The    New    Statesman,   The    Poets’ Republic,   Poetry   Nottingham,   Poetry   Review,   Seam,The   Shop,   Smith's   Knoll, The   Spectator,   Stand,   Staple,   The   Times,   Under   the   Radar,   The   Wolf,   Wordplay, “14”. Anthologies include Skein,   Templar,   2014;      Peleton,   Templar,   2013;      Running   Before   the   Wind,   (Grey Hen   Press)   2013;      Soundswrite   Anthologies   (Soundswrite   Press,   2005   &   2006,)     Poetry   Wivenhoe   (2008);      Light   Unlocked,   Christmas   Card   Poems,   (Enitharmon, 2005)