To Buy Books
Font based on the agricultural calendar carved on the font in St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale, artwork by John Richter 36pp., (ISBN 978-0-9935535-1-6) £10.
enters the consciousness of an agricultural labourer with intense sensory detail and a wonderful feel for the musicality of language … giving a vivid sense of the pull of environment on language.’       Tiffany Atkinson
Doors Opening cover by Polly Ionides Oversteps. 59pp., (ISBN 978-1- 906856-63-2) £8.
Salaams pub. by HappenStance 32pp., (ISBN 978-1-905939- 34-3) £4
‘A touch is kiss is touch, like sky and sun Either would ache without the other one.’ Verbal inventions as original as this are found in much of Festing’s work which, in its balance and clear-sightedness, is like that of Helen Dunmore.   Peter Day
Showmen - The Voice of Travelling Fair People  Shaun Tyas, paperback  185pp. (ISBN 978-1-907730-18-4) £10.
This copiously illustrated book is the first of its kind for more than 40 years. It charts the best times, and the worst times. In their own words, Showmen reveal their strengths, their hopes, and their fears.  Favourably reviewed in the EDP.
Fishermen: A Community Living from the Sea     Ist ed David & Charles,  Paperback Shaun Tyas 176pp., (ISBN 1-900289 22 9) £12.
Sally Festing knows how to talk to fishermen … especially that resilient race that extracts its living from the sea off the north Norfolk coast.’ The Times ‘Coastal communities are changing fast, it is good to have them so pithily recorded.’         The  Countryman
The Story of Lavender 3rd revised paperback ed. 164pp (ISBN 9781852151829) £8.
The cultivation, history, folklore, botany and uses of one of our best loved plants.  Amazon says   ‘This book is a well-written and interesting work containing a huge amount of fascinating historical information about the uses of lavender. Well worth its place on the shelf of a lavender enthusiast.’
Gertrude Jekyll Viking & Penguin 368pp (ISBN9-780140-156669) £9.
Festing's biography is as generous as it is meticulous’          Sunday Times
Barbara Hepworth: A Life of Forms Viking & Penguin 343pp (0-670-84303-2) Sold out!
'It offers much information which cannot be found elsewhere and it also contains some insights that are compelling ... the brilliance, dignity and pain of this conflicted life shine through'                 Sunday Times
Sally Festing’s work is bold and enquiring, taut and emotionally open. Her worlds are various, from a hanging in Mississippi to an art exhibition. .. she is capable of filtering experience through diamonds of clear glass’                          Moniza Alvi